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“Blender”, that’s the name of the program I use for 3D modeling and animation: it’s freeware and can do some pretty incredible things (given you take enough time to learn it properly, like every other programs)

Best viewed on “Firefox”. I tested this website on different navigator, and so far so good, but just in case something doesn’t seem right, try using Firefox, since that’s the main one I use and test on. (If you find something wrong, navigator-wise or anything else, be sure to contact me so I can check it out)

If you’re on this site, then you probably know what a zoid is, but if you don’t, find out by clicking on this logo, or by checking out some of the sites in the links page

Welcome on , a website made by a Zoids fan who likes to use them for 3D modeling.

Here you can find my zoids-related CG works (Computer Generated, such as 3D creations, modified pictures, etc...), but also my personnal Zoids collection, and a few other things.

Finally, if you find any non-working links, or want to correct my spelling (English not being my first language), or want to point out something weird, or want to ask something, or whatever, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know :)

Engel Angel out.

Website last updated: 6 Nov. 2011

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